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    • NABIC is a leading brand of Crane Building Services & Utilities and manufactures a range of safety and pressure relief valves.

      It has been associated with the manufacturing of safety related products since 1864.

      One of the UK`s leading suppliers of gunmetal safety valves, NABIC have long been recognised as the industry standard for commercial and industrial hot water applications.

      With the introduction of new and improved products this leadership has been extended to cover other building service fluids as steam and air.

      Safety Valves - Copper Alloy Safety Valves - Stainless Steel Anti Vacuum Valves Boiler System Valves Anti - pollution Valves Pressure Reducing Valves Buried Valves Viking Johnson is a leading brand of Crane Building Services & Utilities and is a world leader in the manufacturer and supply of couplings, flange adaptors, and pipe repair solutions for international water, wastewater, gas and industrial.

      Viking Johnson has the most comprehensive range of pipe couplings and repair products in the world. They can fulfill all your requirements and have the capability to produce fast-turnaround couplings, flange adaptors and wall couplings at UK manufacturing site.

      Viking Johnson is the world leaders in: Pipe joints and repair products. Buried Valves.

      Eccentric Plug Valve FlexCheck Valve Multiport 3-Way Plug Valves Underground Fir Hydrant Full Viking Size Range ` refer to Suppliers and view the full e-catalogue on Viking web site which includes all dimensional drawings and full specifications. Automatic Balancing Valves Cimberio company has developed and introduced the Dynamic Balancing Valves.

      The name Cimberio has become synonymous the world over with high quality competitive products.

      Balancing valves are designed for automatic balancing of heating (LPHW) and cooling installations. Automatic balancing is achieved by means of cartridges that provide constant flow.

      The wide selection of cartridges allows to match every flow requirement from a minimum of 0,007 l/s (7 KPa min. Δp) up to a maximum of 3,154 l/s (44 KPa min. Δp).

      The main features of automatic flow balancing valveare as follows:

      The cartridge is removable from the valve body and can be changed, inspected and cleaned without breaking the main piping. No special tool is requested for removal of cartridge; System balancing is assured automatically, even under fluctuating pressure conditions; More compact installation with automatic balancing valves not requiring straight pipe to obtain linear flow at valve inlet and outlet; Decrease of installation costs, due to energy saving and cut off cost related to system balancing.

      Cartridge performance is not affected by debris. The self cleaning cartridge design makes very difficult for any particles to accumulate and compromise the accuracy of the valve; Energy saving due to elimination of excessive flow; Increased comfort thanks to more accurate flow distribution with better performance of system regulating valves.