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>> Rubber, Stainless Steel Expansion Joints & Metal Hoses

    • Rubber Expansion Joints Rubber expansion joints are designed to absorb thermal growth motions and vibration in piping systems.

      We offer an extensive variety of rubber EPDM expansion joints. Metal Bellows Expansion Joints UNIVAL represent a worldwide leading suppliers of Expansion Joints as well as comprehensive specific solutions.

      Designs, manufactures and supplies and state-of-the-art Stainless Steel Expansion Joints.

      Flexible Metal Hose with Braiding Flexible metal hoses are good choice for steam, water, oil and gas systems with its pressure resistance and flexible body. Some of its functions are liquid line connection, vibration movement and stress absorbing.

      Fan Coil Connection with Insulation This type metal hoses are installed to system for fan-coil connection.